We recently launched the Experience Store feature, which allows Sporters (our term for sports influencers: athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, and brands) to sell experiences to their supporters and to businesses right on their profiles on the SPRTER app. We want to help Sporters connect with their supporters and monetize their social media followings. We have just added several new experience options that are now live in the SPRTER app. To learn more about them, keep reading. To learn more about the Experience Store feature in general, click here!



What experiences have been added

  • Join the team on the bench for a game
  • Warm up with the team before a game
  • Coach the team for a game or training session
  • Join the team for a training session
  • Virtual Game of HORSE
  • Learn a skill or move virtually
  • Watch a game with the athlete virtually
  • Instagram Live Stream
  • Virtual Yoga Session
  • Virtual Recovery Session
  • Gear Set Up
  • Show your collection
  • Mystery Box of Goodies
  • Pre-game or post-game routine
  • A day in the life of the athlete vlog
  • Feature a company logo on a certain number of social media posts.

These have been added to a long list of virtual and in-person experience options that you can discover by downloading SPRTER. To find out about the other in-person experiences for sale in the app, click here! 

Our mission is to help Sporters and Supporters connect, and we are always looking for new ways of doing so. If you have any experience ideas that you think we should add, DM the official SPRTER account through the SPRTER app or email contact@sprter.com!


Click here to download the app and start your SPRTER journey!