Everything supporters need to know about the SPRTER app

What is SPRTER?

SPRTER is the must-have sport experience platform.

It is a sport-specific social media iOS app, through which supporters can buy exclusive in-person & virtual experiences and/or Limited Edition Signed Pictures from sporters to connect with them on a new level!

Sport-er [spawrt-er]


An influencer within the sports industry, including athletes, retired athletes, coaches, media personalities, teams, leagues, brands – basically anyone in the world of sports with influence.

Simone Biles, Bill Belichick, Troy Aikman, Dude Perfect, Manchester City, the WNBA, and Nike are all examples of sporters.


How does the app work? What can I do on the app?

  • Users can upload picture and video content that sporters and supporters would enjoy.
  • The app has an Experience Discovery where users can find all the sporters who are selling unique fan experiences.
  • We also just added the new Limited Edition Signed Picture feature (similar to NFTs), which allows you to buy and collect signed pictures from sporters.
  • The profile has been designed to make it easy for you to highlight everything that you love in the world of sport.
  • We highlight a different sporter on the home screen of the app everyday, to expose users to some awesome sporters they might not know.
  • There is a SPRTER Discovery feature that allows users to apply filters to find sporters and their content.
  • Interacting in the app earns you points towards the leaderboard and a step closer to being the #1 supporter.

How does the Experience Store work?

Supporters are able to request fan experiences from sporters who have their Experience Store enabled on the app!

To request an experience:

  1. Find a user who has their Experience Store enabled (the Experience Discovery shows all the sporters selling experiences)
  2. Click "Visit Personal Experience Store" under the name of the sporter you are interested in
  3. Scroll down to see all the fan experiences they offer
  4. Click  on the one you are interested in
  5. If you want to request the experience, simply write in any relevant instructions regarding the experience (time, location, etc.) and hit "Send Proposal & Pay"
  6. You will then be directed to the SPRTER Coin store if you don't have any SPRTER Coins yet. SPRTER Coins are the in-app currency you need to use to purchase experiences
  7. Choose the amount you want, pay and then it will allow you to go back to complete your request
  8. Once the request is submitted, a negotiation tool will be enabled through which both parties can discuss and agree upon terms and details. All your request will appear under the My Requests section of your Megaphone (found in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen)
  9. We will hold the SPRTER Coin payment in escrow until a. the request is accepted and completed b. you cancel the request b. the sporter rejects the request
  10. Once accepted, the sporter will have 7 days to complete the experience, or the coins will be returned to you
  11. Once the experience has been completed, set it the complete and remember to give the sporter a thumbs up!
SPRTER Experience Store Request Experience
SPRTER Experience Store Monitor Request
Experience Store

What kinds of experiences can I request?

There is a huge offering of experiences on the app, but it always depends on the sporter.

Here are just a few of the experience options:

  • gaming together
  • golfing together
  • meal out together
  • game film reviews
  • 1 on 1 training session
  • training plans
  • secret handshake
  • fan interviews
  • personalized video messages
  • Zoom calls
  • social media video collabs
  • personalized trick shots

And much, much more!

How does the Limited Edition Signed Picture feature work?

Every sporter is now able to easily upload pictures that they can virtually sign through the app to make available for their supporters to buy and collect. It is our way of tapping into the ongoing NFT craze.

This is how you can start your collection:

  1. Go to the profile of a sporter you like
  2. Scroll down to their My Store section
  3. If they have Limited Edition Signed Pictures on offer, a Signed Pics button will appear here. Click on that.
  4. Choose an image you like
  5. Buy it and start collecting!
SPRTER Experience Store

Any Limited Edition Signed Pictures that you buy appear under a section called My Collection on your profile. This is the only place where original Limited Edition Signed Pictures can appear, and that is how you know they are authentic. Thus, making them similar to NFTs. They are rare (can be unique) digital collectibles that can be easily authenticated. But, they aren't on the blockain...yet! So, they aren't classed as NFTs at the moment.

It is in our plans to place each Limited Edition Signed Picture on the blockchain, down the road, to officially make them NFTs, and to make it possible for users to trade them!

I'm interested! What do I do next?

Just download the app, register an account, create a profile, and start requesting experiences!

The app is completely free to download and is available in the iOS App Store right now!

If you ever have any questions, DM the official SPRTER account on the app or on Instagram or Twitter, or send us an email at contact@sprter.com. We're here to help in any way we can!