SPRTER is a sport experience iOS app that is revolutionizing how Sporters and Supporters connect!


Sporters (sports influencers: athletes, coaches, media, organizations)

💵    Earn money by selling exclusive experiences through a fully automated Experience Store right your profile (golf outings, gaming together, meals out together, personalized videos, Zoom calls, 1 on 1 training sessions, product endorsements, sponsorships, event appearances and more!)


💵    As a sports organization, you can also sell experiences, as well as tickets, vouchers, discounts, sponsorships and more!


🦄     Build a unique and powerful personal brand.


🔍🌎 Get exposed to new supporters from around the globe.


🤝     Highlight the causes, charities, and communities that you care about.

Supporters (sports fans)

🤝 Purchase exclusive experiences from sporters from across the globe.


👉👀 Swipe through fresh content to discover new sporters and supporters from around the world.


🔗 Connect with your favorite sporters and other supporters minus the generic non-sport clutter of other social platforms.


🔝 Build a unique supporter profile to compete with your friends and other supporters.


🤝 Become a part of a global community that uses sport to support causes, charities, and communities.


🏆 Gain points for interacting to become the #1 supporter, and get your sport fix.



We reward sporters who stay active on the app by bringing them relevant ambassadorship/sponsorship opportunities!

“SPRTER have provided me with a base sponsor to allow my professional boxing career to grow and ultimately build a relationship with a new company.

I think SPRTER have gone above and beyond to market myself as an athlete; without asking for anything in return.

Thanks to the SPRTER team, I signed my first sponsor deal, with hopefully many more to come! Don’t miss out on this opportunity they’re great!”

Cam Shaw


“SPRTER goes above and beyond to market athletes without asking for anything in return. Thanks to the SPRTER team I signed my first sponsor deal.”

Sekou Bangoura Jr.


"SPRTER has not only provided me with a data base of sponsors, but also of diverse athletes who I look up to and have built relationships with.
Since its start, I have been so excited about all the opportunities they offer. I am super grateful that they work with me and have gone the extra mile to market my profile.
Thanks to SPRTER, I was able to sign a deal with a brand that I believe in and now I am part of! The SPRTER team is unbelievably hard working and are always there to support!"

Fatima Largaespada

“ A big thanks to the guys at SPRTER who connected me to a paid opportunity where I shared insights on how I as an athlete brand myself through social media. ”

Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma

2-Sport Team USA Athlete

SPRTER connected me to a paid opportunity regarding sports and social media! Was happy to be involved and that I received compensation too! ”

Danielle Inglis

World Mixed Curling Champion

“ A big shout out to SPRTER who have been so influential in connecting me and other athletes to paid opportunities. One opportunity included us sharing our stories on athlete branding through our social media. ”

Gina Lewandowski

Sky Blue FC - NWSL

“ SPRTER helps us ambassadors in more than just building our brands, they even pave the way for us to get connected to paid opportunities to work with companies and land sponsorships! ”

Josh Baker

Pro Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Fighter

“SPRTER has been a great resource to market my brand. They are thinking outside of the box to get connected to paid opportunities. The opportunity to build relationships will lead into greater deals and accomplishing bigger goals. SPRTER goes above and beyond with great communication to make dreams a reality. ”

Herbert White III

Guinness World Record Holder – Heaviest Zercher Squat

“ SPRTER connected me with a sponsor. SPRTER is a great opportunity for athletes to gain a fan base and sponsors to grow your athletic profile. Would recommend it to anyone! “

Hope Bevilhymer

Team USA Women's Para Ice Hockey Goalie

“SPRTER provided me with great opportunities not only to connect with sponsors, but ample amount of exposure on my social media platforms. I can say first hand I benefited from SPRTER. SPRTER allowed me opportunities to collaborate with various sponsors and profit from the experience. As a professional football player I am always in transition looking for ways to expand my brand. The SPRTER app is a excellent tool that supports me in diversifying my likeness.  “

Avery Ellis

Ottawa Redblacks - CFL

“ Thank you to SPRTER who have helped connect me to and partner with Rowdy Bars! As an athlete, it is so important to have quality snacks as part of my lifestyle and I am grateful to SPRTER for providing that opportunity for me! ”

Gina Lewandowski

Sky Blue FC - NWSL

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