Last month we announced the launch of the Experience Store feature in the SPRTER app. The Experience Store feature allows Sporters (our term for sports influencers: athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands) to sell experiences to their supporters and to businesses right on their profiles on the app. We are trying to help Sporters connect with their supporters on a new level and monetize their social media followings. If you would like to learn more about the Experience Store feature, click here!

In-Person Experiences – Check!

We started out with only virtual experiences to help Sporters and Supporters connect (especially during these COVID times) and to also help Sporters in making up any lost revenue. However, as restrictions begin to loosen and as vaccines start to become available in certain countries, we wanted to also extend our offering beyond just virtual experiences. So, we are now launching in-person experience options in the SPRTER app!

In-Person Experiences - SPRTER App

Organizational Experiences – Check!

As part of this announcement, we are also launching organizational experiences. Our focus was originally on the individual, but now we want to extend the features for all Sporters, so teams, leagues, and brands as well! To find out more about the new organization experiences click here!

Organizational Experiences - SPRTER App

In-Person Experiences

This is a list of the in-person experiences we have added:

  • Golf outings
  • Meals together
  • Watch a game together at the stadium
  • 1 on 1 training sessions
  • Gameday experiences
  • Where am I? (Sporter lets you know where they are going to be during the week so you can potentially meet them)
  • Special event tickets (for example: meet & greets)
  • Guest speaking

Our mission is to help Sporters and Supporters connect, so we are always looking for new ways of doing that. So, if you have any experience ideas that you think should be added, DM the official SPRTER account through the SPRTER app or send up an email at

If you’re interested in trying out the app, download the app and give it a go!