SPRTER is helping athletes, coaches & personal trainers make money!


We recognize that the sports industry is changing and that it is more important than ever for athletes, coaches and personal trainers to start establishing a strong brand. We want to help them work on establishing that brand and also give them the tools to then monetize that brand. Many individuals are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Not only that, 2020 has been one of the strangest years on record due to the outbreak of COVID. We see our platform as one which has never been more relevant and important. We have seen leagues cancelled, pay cuts, contract terminations, gyms closed and camps cancelled across the sports industry. This is exactly why these individuals need to start thinking of streams of revenue beyond their main places of work. We want to help athletes, coaches and personal trainers be more prepared for a rainy day. The SPRTER app is here to help these individuals make money.


We have recently managed to announce our most exciting bit of news yet. Our Experience Store feature is now officially live in the SPRTER app. The purpose of the feature is to allow Sporters (our term for sports influencers: athletes, retired athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands) to connect with their supporters on a whole new level and make some money in the process! The Experience Store feature provides another stream of revenue for Sporters, and it is a stream they have full control over. The fully virtual nature of the experiences on offer in the store is also perfect during these uncertain times. Sporters can receive experience requests from anywhere in the globe and they can also be completed from anywhere in the world (no need to meet in person)!

Sporters are able to sell a wide range of experiences to both their supporters and to businesses. Experiences include personal Zoom calls, gaming, social media shout-outs, personal Q&A’s, 1 on 1 virutal training sessions, personalized training programs, nutritional plans, product endorsements, and much much more! For more information about how the Experience Store feature works, click here.


In order to further aid Sporters during these COVID times, we have decided to not take a cut at all from any and all earnings that Sporters make through the app! Make sure to take advantage! We’re here to help the hurting sports industry and the individuals in it in any way we can.


If you are not interested in making money for yourself, you can always sell experiences and donate a portion of your earnings to charity! During the cash out process, when we DM you about payment details, we will also be asking if you would like for us to donate a portion of the cash out amount to a charity of your choice. If you would like to do it yourself, you can always do that too! Charity is a big part of our platform, so we want to encourage Sporters to spread positivity through sport in any way possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your store, tell your followers about it, and start to make money!