Samiyah Worrell – The Badass Basketballer

Samiyah Worrell

  Samiyah Worrell is the latest addition to the SPRTER family. Samiyah is a college basketball player for Chadron State College in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. She is the all-time leading scorer for her high school with 1,456 points, and was chosen 4 times in the all-conference 1st team.   We had the chance…

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Malcolm Bernard – The Brilliant Baller

Malcolm Bernard

Malcolm Bernard is the latest addition to the SPRTER family. Malcolm is a professional basketball player for BC Novosibirsk in the Russian Super League 1. He played college ball at Xavier University where he led the team to the Elite 8 in his final March Madness tournament. His exploits there led to a number of…

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College Impact Awards: Catalyst Award Shortlist

Catalyst Awards

The following student-athletes have been shortlisted for the SPRTER (formerly Athlete CRUSH) College Impact Catalyst Award: Josh Bringuel, Bryana Robinson, J.T. Trauber, Julie Foeldes, Sara Hayes. The Catalyst Award is given to someone who takes initiative to make a change. In other words, this is a person who gets involved with or starts initiatives to do…

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11 Athletes Who Supported March for Our Lives

Athlete CRUSH

America has definitely been experiencing a rough patch in its history in terms of gun violence. Even though gun violence has been a recurring theme throughout American history, it has never had such an impact on the youth. CNN reported that after only 12 weeks in 2018, there had already been 17 school shootings, averaging…

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Fultz Ready To Shine On NBA Stage

June has come, which amongst many things, means the NBA Draft is just a few weeks away. And this year’s crop of college stars has basketball fans especially excited. As NBA teams analyze the field and narrow down their choices, we’ve jumped the gun and made our own selection in the meantime. Coming to NBA…

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