Clay Dimick – The Faith-Full Footballer

Clay Dimick SPRTER Ambassador

Clay Dimick is a professional soccer player for USL Championship side, Charlotte Independence. Clay graduated from Belmont Abbey College, where he managed to score 19 goals in 46 games, and is now in the second year of his professional career. Clay plays in either defence or the midfield. Also, being a man of faith, he…

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SPRTER College Impact Awards (Formerly Athlete CRUSH)

SPRTER College Impact Awards

Here at SPRTER, we believe that sporters (sports influencers: athletes, former athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands, etc.) have the power to change the world. Regardless of the level of competition, there are sporterss around the world who do amazing things on a daily basis. We have encountered this first hand, as we have written about…

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Kelly Dopke: The Determined Doctor

Kelly Dopke

We set out on a mission to discover some of the most inspirational and influential student-athletes across the nation, and the stories that were submitted far exceeded what we were expecting. When looking for candidates for the SPRTER College Impact Awards (formerly the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Awards) – Lead Award – we received incredible…

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5 World Cup Athletes Leaving Their Mark On and Off The Field

World Cup's charitable stars

As supporters, we love seeing our favorite athletes doing what they do best- performing and showcasing their talents on the field. However, not only is it a blessing to watch these phenomenal athletes on the pitch, but it is also amazing to see their contributions to society. Sport has given world-class athletes the platform to…

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College Impact Awards: Lead Award Shortlist

Lead Award Shortlisted Student-Athletes

The following student-athletes have been shortlisted for the SPRTER (formerly Athlete CRUSH) College Impact Lead Award: Kelly Dopke, Joey Gorman, Gregory Dix, and Enna Selmanovic. The Lead Award is given to one student who has consistently displayed all the qualities of a good leader. It is someone who everyone gets along with and feels comfortable approaching.…

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11 Athletes Who Supported March for Our Lives

Athlete CRUSH

America has definitely been experiencing a rough patch in its history in terms of gun violence. Even though gun violence has been a recurring theme throughout American history, it has never had such an impact on the youth. CNN reported that after only 12 weeks in 2018, there had already been 17 school shootings, averaging…

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