Revolutionizing how sporters and supporters connect.


The love for sport unites people around the world – it’s a feeling of empowerment, joy, entertainment, and emotion. And at the heart of it all are sporters and supporters. The term sporter refers to sport influencers including athletes, retired athletes, coaches, sports media, agents, teams, leagues, & brands – basically anyone in the sports industry who helps to create the special moments we all cherish. But sporters are nothing without supporters – those who show up, celebrate, comment, and support no matter what. SPRTER is built on the letters that the terms sporter and supporter share and we are passionate about revolutionizing how these two groups connect.

We provide a platform that connects SPRTERs from around the world, empowers the sport community through positive engagement, and motivates sporters to inspire supporters on and off the field.

We believe sportershave the power to change the world.have an obligation to contribute to society.should develop a strong personal brand.should profit off their likeness.

Our values


Celebrating authentic sport performances and genuine supporter engagement. 


Inspiring sporters and supporters through positivity.


Harnessing the power of sport to promote inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of community.


Helping sporters to develop their personal brand.


Founder SPRTER App

Thilo Kunkel

Thilo has a Ph.D. in Sport Business. He advises athletes on strategies to gain social media attention, improve charitable efforts, and gain sponsors.
Jason Doyle Co-Founder SPRTER

Jason Doyle

Jason has a Ph.D. in Sport Marketing and worked as a Growth Hacking consultant for service brands.
Karl Morris SPRTER CIO

Karl Morris

Chief Information Officer
Karl has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is a specialist in mobile app development and blockchain technology.
Joonas Jokinen COO SPRTER

Joonas Jokinen

Chief Operations Officer
Joonas has a B.S. in Sport Business and is a former athlete with over 50 caps for the Finnish U19 national soccer team.
Robert Turbin SPRTER CBO

Robert "Turbo" Turbin

Chief Branding Officer
Robert is a professional NFL player & Superbowl 48 Champion with extensive industry knowledge. His R4U Foundation supports those inflicted with Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy.
Mike Lahoud SPRTER Advisor

Michael Lahoud

Michael is a former professional soccer player in the MLS and the Sierra Leone national team and currently a host and analyst for Austin FC.
Sally Freedman SPRTER Advisor

Sally Freedman

Sally is an international sport industry expert. She currently works for UEFA in Switzerland and previously was a manager at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and head of Fan Engagement at Melbourne City in Australia.
Adam Hall SPRTER Advisor

Adam Hall

Adam is the Founder of AMHC, a consulting agency supporting sport organizations in maximizing their CSR impact and fundraising potential.