Everything you need to know about the SPRTER app if you're a sporter

Sport-er [spawrt-er]


An influencer within the sports industry, including athletes, retired athletes, coaches, media personalities, teams, leagues, brands – basically anyone in the world of sports with influence.

Simone Biles, Bill Belichick, Troy Aikman, Dude Perfect, Manchester City, the WNBA, and Nike are all examples of sporters.

What is SPRTER?

SPRTER is the must-have sport experience platform.

It is a sport-specific social media iOS app, through which sporters can sell exclusive in-person & virtual experiences to their supporters and to businesses, and Limited Edition Signed Pictures (similar to NFTs)!

How does the app work? What can I do on the app?

The SPRTER app has a lot of features to offer users:

  • Users can upload picture and video content that sporters and supporters would enjoy.
  • The sporter profile has been designed to make it easy for you to highlight everything that your supporters and potential sponsors would like to know about you.
  • We highlight a different sporter on the home screen of the app everyday, to help give you some exposure.
  • There is a SPRTER Discovery feature that allows users to apply filters to find you and other sporters and their content.
  • You can also enable the experience store feature to connect with your supporters & businesses in a new way, and add a new stream of revenue to support yourself or charitable causes (we take care of any donations you want to make).
  • The app also has an Experience Discovery where users can find all the sporters who are selling experiences.
  • We have also just released our newest feature that allows sporters to monetize: Limited Edition Signed Pictures (similar to NFTs).
Experience Store

How does the Experience Store work?

Every sporter is able to enable a fully automated Experience Store right on their profile on the app for FREE!

You can easily enable your own Experience Store during the setup of your profile when you first register your account, or you can:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Scroll down to your My Store section
  3. Click to enable your Experience Store
  4. Now, you can then see the full selection of experiences you can offer. At the top of the screen, you can toggle between your supporter and business store. There are separate experiences for both groups. Simply click on the experience you want to sell
  5. Add all the necessary details regarding the experience (duration, location, and everything else the buyer would need to know)
  6. Set your availability/completion time
  7. Set a price
  8. Add it to your store
  9. Remember to save your store once you've added everything you want to offer
  10. start promoting it to your followers everywhere and start selling!

What kinds of experiences can I sell?

There is a huge offering of experiences on the app, but it is always up to you as to what you want to offer and what you want to charge.

Here are just a few of the experience options:

  • gaming together
  • golfing together
  • meal out together
  • game film reviews
  • 1 on 1 training session
  • training plans
  • secret handshake
  • fan interviews
  • personalized video messages
  • Zoom calls
  • social media video collabs
  • personalized trick shots
  • endorsements
  • product testings
  • event appearances

And much, much more!

Experince Store Offerings
Limited Edition Signed Pictures

How does the Limited Edition Signed Picture feature work?

Every sporter is now able to easily upload pictures that they can virtually sign through the app to make available for their supporters to buy and collect for FREE! They are very similar to NFTs and allow you to tap into the ongoing craze, free-of-charge!

You can easily start selling your own Limited Edition Signed Pictures by following these instructions:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Scroll down to your My Store section
  3. Click to enable Limited Edition Signed Pictures
  4. Upload an image
  5. Sign it and/or write a message over it virtually
  6. Set the amount you'd like to make available for sale
  7. Set the price
  8. Start promoting to your followers everywhere and start selling!

Any Limited Edition Signed Pictures that are bought from you appear under a section called My Collection on the buyer's profile. This is the only place where original Limited Edition Signed Pictures can appear, and that is how you know they are authentic. Thus, making them similar to NFTs. They are rare (can be unique) digital collectibles that can be easily authenticated. But, they aren't on the blockain...yet! So, they aren't classed as NFTs at the moment.

You get paid in an in-app currency that you can cash out into real money through PayPal or Venmo at any time. 1SC = $1.

Is this all free?

Yes! The app is free to download and use. The Experience Store and Limited Edition Signed Picture features are also free to enable and use. We don't even take a fee from any earnings made through the app!

Is this relevant to teams and leagues?

Absolutely! Teams and leagues can benefit from the app in the exact same way that individual sporters can. We have even added team and league-specific experience to the Experience Store that you can sell! You can sell tickets, vouchers, gameday experiences, discounts, sponsorships and much more! You can also sell Limited Edition Signed Pictures as an organization!


I'm interested! What do I do next?

You have 2 options in how to proceed:

Set it up yourself

If you want to set up your own profile and Experience Store, simply:

  1. Download the app (bit.ly/sprterapp)
  2. Put together an awesome profile with some content
  3. Enable and set up your Experience Store and any Limited Edition Signed Pictures you want to sell
  4. That's it! Just start promoting to your followers and selling!

As soon as your profile's looking awesome, we will schedule you to be highlighted!

That means that you will be displayed on the home screen of the app for a day, and we will create a nice about you that will be uploaded to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you set up your Experience Store and/or start selling Limited Edition Signed Pictures, we will create an extra post promoting it which we will send you and upload to our social media!

Have us do it for you!

See the options below


Too busy or in need of some help?

We offer some services to help save you time and effort.

Free Profile Creation Service

We offer this service to any new user. We essentially analyze your Instagram and create an awesome profile for you on the SPRTER app using the content you have uploaded to Instagram.
Once your profile is ready, we will give you the login details for the account and you can change the email and password associated with the account, so we no longer have access. You can also make any changes that you'd like, since it is your profile after all! Make sure to set up your Experience Store and start selling Limited Edition Signed Pictures, too!

We have helped onboard over 400 sporters so far!

SPRTER GOLD - Personal Assistant Service

SPRTER GOLD is a personal assistant service we provide where we set up & organize your Experience Store, manage it day-to-day, help you organize and complete any requests you get, keep your profile up-to-date for you by posting anything you post to IG to your SPRTER profile for you, we take care of the cash out process & any charitable donations for you, and we create promotional content for you to push your Experience Store to your followers on social media.

In return for the service, we charge a 20% cut from the earnings you make through the app. However, if you do certain promotional tasks, our share decreases to 10%. And if you don’t make any money through the app, we don’t charge anything.

If you want to start selling Limited Edition Signed Pictures, you need to set that up yourself. We can't be signing anything on your behalf!


We have over 35 sporters currently signed up!

Want to sign up for SPRTER GOLD? We reward our SPRTER GOLD clients by bringing them relevant ambassadorship / sponsorship opportunities!

“SPRTER have provided me with a base sponsor to allow my professional boxing career to grow and ultimately build a relationship with a new company.

I think SPRTER have gone above and beyond to market myself as an athlete; without asking for anything in return.

Thanks to the SPRTER team, I signed my first sponsor deal, with hopefully many more to come! Don’t miss out on this opportunity they’re great!”

Cam Shaw


“SPRTER goes above and beyond to market athletes without asking for anything in return. Thanks to the SPRTER team I signed my first sponsor deal.”

Sekou Bangoura Jr.


"SPRTER has not only provided me with a data base of sponsors, but also of diverse athletes who I look up to and have built relationships with.
Since its start, I have been so excited about all the opportunities they offer. I am super grateful that they work with me and have gone the extra mile to market my profile.
Thanks to SPRTER, I was able to sign a deal with a brand that I believe in and now I am part of! The SPRTER team is unbelievably hard working and are always there to support!"

Fatima Largaespada

“ A big thanks to the guys at SPRTER who connected me to a paid opportunity where I shared insights on how I as an athlete brand myself through social media. ”

Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma

2-Sport Team USA Athlete

SPRTER connected me to a paid opportunity regarding sports and social media! Was happy to be involved and that I received compensation too! ”

Danielle Inglis

World Mixed Curling Champion

“ A big shout out to SPRTER who have been so influential in connecting me and other athletes to paid opportunities. One opportunity included us sharing our stories on athlete branding through our social media. ”

Gina Lewandowski

Sky Blue FC - NWSL

“ SPRTER helps us ambassadors in more than just building our brands, they even pave the way for us to get connected to paid opportunities to work with companies and land sponsorships! ”

Josh Baker

Pro Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Fighter

“SPRTER has been a great resource to market my brand. They are thinking outside of the box to get connected to paid opportunities. The opportunity to build relationships will lead into greater deals and accomplishing bigger goals. SPRTER goes above and beyond with great communication to make dreams a reality. ”

Herbert White III

Guinness World Record Holder – Heaviest Zercher Squat

“ SPRTER connected me with a sponsor. SPRTER is a great opportunity for athletes to gain a fan base and sponsors to grow your athletic profile. Would recommend it to anyone! “

Hope Bevilhymer

Team USA Women's Para Ice Hockey Goalie

“SPRTER provided me with great opportunities not only to connect with sponsors, but ample amount of exposure on my social media platforms. I can say first hand I benefited from SPRTER. SPRTER allowed me opportunities to collaborate with various sponsors and profit from the experience. As a professional football player I am always in transition looking for ways to expand my brand. The SPRTER app is a excellent tool that supports me in diversifying my likeness.  “

Avery Ellis

Ottawa Redblacks - CFL

“ Thank you to SPRTER who have helped connect me to and partner with Rowdy Bars! As an athlete, it is so important to have quality snacks as part of my lifestyle and I am grateful to SPRTER for providing that opportunity for me! ”

Gina Lewandowski

Sky Blue FC - NWSL

" Being apart of the SPRTER app family, has opened up doors for other professional athletes and myself, to be able to use their platforms to display ourselves. I have had encounters with a few company’s that are looking for ambassadors to collaborate with. I received my first connection with a company called Rowdy Bars, which is a energy bar. Thank you SPRTER app for helping me and being such a great platform. "

Greg Logins Jr.

Pro Basketball Player for BBC Bascharage Hedgehogs

If you're interested in either of these services, DM us on Instagram or Twitter. Our handle is @sprterapp.

If you want to set it up yourself, hit the download button below and let's get started!