NCAA NIL Rule Change – The SPRTER app is here to help you monetize!

NCAA NIL Rule Change – The SPRTER app is here to help you monetize!

The US college athlete world has changed.

As of July 1st, it has become legal for NCAA student-athletes to profit off of their NIL (name, image, and likeness). This is an exciting step in the world of collegiate sports!

What does this NCAA NIL rule change mean? What can student-athletes do now?


For student-athletes, this means that they will now be able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. Until July 1st, this has been illegal and there have been many cases where college athletes have been penalized and punished for doing so (such as UCF Kicker Donald de la Haye aka. Deestroying).

This rule change creates an opportunity for student-athletes to raise money for themselves and use it for whatever they like. It offers student-athletes a way to earn some extra money on the side to help support themselves.

What is SPRTER?

We are a sport-tech company based in Philadelphia that has developed a new sport experience platform for iOS. The app, SPRTER, is a revolutionary sport-specific social media application designed to change how sporters and supporters interact. 

The SPRTER app also has a big emphasis on charity and we are hoping to empower sporters and supporters to unite and make a positive difference using the power of sport. Not only do we want to change the world of sport, we also want to change the world through sport.


What is the SPRTER app?


The SPRTER application is a free sport experience platform for iOS. It is a sport-specific social media platform that allows sporters and supporters to connect through fan experiences.

The App Provides Sporters with a Tool to:

  • Build a strong brand
  • Connect with existing supporters
  • Get exposed to new supporters across the globe
  • Promote the charities/causes they care about
  • Start making money!

The App Provides Supporters with the opportunity to:

  • Discover a whole new side of their favorite sporters
  • Find new sporters
  • Brand yourself as a top supporter
  • Show support for charities and causes
  • Raise awareness
  • Crowdfund their own causes
  • Purchase unique fan experiences from sporters!

How can SPRTER help student-athletes in the monetization process after the NCAA NIL rule change?

This new rule change is huge, but where to start? Many student-athletes might not know how they can start benefiting from this rule change. Enter SPRTER. The app can be an effective free tool to help in just this. It is important for student-athletes to start developing their personal brands, but this needs to lead to something, money. 

The SPRTER app allows sporters to highlight everything that their supporters and potential sponsors would like to know about them. But, not only that, they can also start selling unique fan, and business, experiences right on their profile!


All the sporter needs to do is enable the feature, choose all the experiences they want to sell, add all the necessary details (experience description, availability/completion time, and price), save their store, and start promoting it to their followers!

Sporters can sell things like a round of golf, gaming together, a meal together, 1 on 1 training sessions, game film reviews, Zoom calls, secret handshakes, and much more to supporters!

Another new feature available for sporters to sell to their supporters is NFT-esque Limited Edition Signed Pictures!

Sporters can also sell sponsorships, endorsements, product testings, appearances, and much more to businesses!

After the sporter receives an experience request, they can negotiate with the user and then decide whether they want to accept or reject. Once the experience has been accepted, the payment will be held in escrow until it is complete, then it will be released to the sporter.

Sporters get paid in an in-app currency called SPRTER Coins, which can be cashed out into US dollars through PayPal or Venmo.

Did we also mention that we don’t take a cut from earnings made through the app?

Everything a sporter earns goes straight into their own pocket, unless they want to opt into our personal assistant service, SPRTER GOLD, through which we essentially take care of everything on the sporters behalf (profile and Experience Store setup, day-to-day management, creation of promotional content, cash out process, charitable donations).

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Start taking advantage of this NCAA NIL rule change today with SPRTER! We’re here to help!