We recently announced some of our most exciting news yet, the launch of our Experience Store feature which allows Sporters on the SPRTER app to sell a wide range of in-person, virtual and organizational experiences – right on their profile! As it is a new feature that new users may need some help with, so we have introduced SPRTER GOLD, a new personal assistant service. The service also opens the Experience Store up to Android users! So, here is everything you need to know about the new service:



SPRTER GOLD is a new personal assistant service we are providing for Sporters on the SPRTER app.

A member of the SPRTER team helps run your account (if you’d like), and set up, promote, and manage your personal Experience Store on your SPRTER profile!



What you get out of it

  • Experience store set up in tandem with the user – what experiences to offer and what price to charge.
  • You can choose to have us keep your SPRTER profile up-to-date for you. We would post everything you post as a normal feed post to Instagram to SPRTER.
  • Daily check-ups on the user’s experience store requests.
  • Request responses in tandem with the user – negotiating with customers and decide what requests to accept.
  • Organize when the user completes the accepted experiences.
  • Give advice on completing the accepted requests.
  • Help the user identify and execute creative promotions for their store.
  • Complete the cash out process whenever requested by the user.

In-Person Experiences - SPRTER App

Who is eligible for SPRTER GOLD?

Sporters from any level of competition can request the service – Sporter refers to sports influencers, including athlete, retired athlete, coach, media personality, team, league, brand.

Basically, anyone working within the sports industry!


What we expect from the Sporter

We expect the user to be readily available in order for the relationship to work. This means opening up a smooth channel of communication (WhatsApp, phone number, email – whatever they prefer).


Earnings with SPRTER GOLD

The user’s earnings through the SPRTER app are split between the user who receives 80% and SPRTER who receives 20% for providing the service. However, SPRTER provides incentives to help the user promote their experience store through their other social media profiles to maximize their cut. If the user completes all the tasks outlined below, the user’s share increases to 90% and SPRTER’s share decreases to 10%.

  • If the user mentions @sprterapp in the bio of their other social media profiles for the duration of the contract, the user’s share increases by 5%.
  • If the user posts about @sprterapp on their other social media profiles, a post per month for the duration of the contract in the feed tagging @sprterapp increases the user’s share by 3% and two stories per month for the duration or the contract increase the user’s share by 2%, for a total potential increase of 5%.
  • If the user does all these things, the user’s share increases by 10% to a total of 90%.


How to request SPRTER GOLD

Ways in which you can request SPRTER GOLD:

  • Download the SPRTER app and send the official SPRTER account a DM
  • Email us at contact@sprter.com
  • DM us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook


Click here to download the app and start your SPRTER journey!blank