11 Athletes Who Supported March for Our Lives

America has definitely been experiencing a rough patch in its history in terms of gun violence. Even though gun violence has been a recurring theme throughout American history, it has never had such an impact on the youth. CNN reported that after only 12 weeks in 2018, there had already been 17 school shootings, averaging 1.4 shootings per week. Now that is a frightening figure.

As a result, there have been movements to try and get guns into the hands of all teachers in schools in order to be able to defend in case this happens again (it will). However, the youth and the public in general have spoken. They have resisted this movement as much as possible and even decided to take to the streets to protest. The US public is demanding tighter gun regulations.
This movement has gained national traction and worldwide recognition and support. Amongst celebrity supporters have been a number of athletes.
Here are 11 athletes, who supported the march!

Dwayne Wade

Wade, along with his wife, was responsible for donating $200,000 in order to try and send as many kids to the march as possible. Wade also wore a pair of sneakers with the name of one of the Parkland Shooting victims for a game against the 76ers.

Carmelo Anthony

Anthony promised to give as much money as needed in order to get 4,500 kids to the march happening in Baltimore.

Anthony Rizzo

The World Series champ took to Twitter to promote the efforts and also took his whole family to the streets to march.

Steve Nash

Nash took to the streets of LA and to Twitter to encourage everyone to get out and join their closest march.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman had a busy day trying to spark as much interest in and create as much buzz as possible around the movement. He posted countless photos with celebrities who were also supporting the cause to grow awareness.

Ben Simmons

Simmons showed his support during the warm-ups for one of the 76ers’ games. He wore a shirt brandishing the hashtag marchforourlives.

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DeMarcus Ware

The ex-NFL star flew out to Washington to show his support for not only the youth, but everyone in the US. He emphasized in his Twitter post that gun violence is something that poses a threat for everyone in this nation.

Lebron James, Chris Paul, Elena Delle Donne

James and Paul took to social media to post his support for the marches emphasizing how proud they were that young people were taking a stand.


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Kyle Martino

The ex-soccer player and current pundit took to the streets of DC to protest with the masses. He also took to social media to spread the word and encourage others to join.

These are all incredible things that people are doing in order to support a movement that addresses a serious threat to millions of people in this country and also other countries around the world. This is a wonderful example of athletes using their platforms in order to promote causes that they believe in. People look up to these players and their support can go a very long way. We need more athletes doing great things like this and standing up for what they believe in! We salute them for that and encourage everyone to follow their example!

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