What is SPRTER?

SPRTER is a brand-new sport-specific social media app for iOS. It has an extensive list of features that appeal to both sporters  and supporters!

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Sporters (sports influencers: athletes, former athletes, coaches, agents, teams, leagues, brands, etc.)

For sporters, the platform allows them to easily build their personal brands, monetize, reach new supporters, highlight charitable efforts to raise awareness for causes, crowdfund, and connect with supporters and other sporters on a deeper level.


For supporters, the platform allows them to discover new sporters from around the globe with awesome content. The profile layout also makes it easier for users to learn about these sporters. There is also a big charity element to every user’s profile that you will learn about as you read on.

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How can you make a difference on SPRTER

The app has a strong charity component to help you make a difference. Each user can highlight causes, charitable organizations or charitable events they are passionate about.

Charitable efforts often go unnoticed on social media as new content drowns out the good deed within a week or so. To avoid these efforts to go unnoticed, users can pin this content to their charity section for every profile visitor to see. As part of the charity section, we have also made it possible for users to choose 3 causes they feel passionate about which appear at the top of the section, a link out to a charitable website of their choosing, and the ability to even crowdfund for something!

There are already some amazing sporters on the platform spreading awareness for things they believe in. CJ Sapong, for example, is an MLS player for Chicago Fire who is on the app to raise awareness for and grow his non-profit organization, Sacred Seeds. The organization aims to enhance communities through education, sustenance, and self-sustainability.

CJ Sapong - Sacred Seeds

Amobi Okugo is another sporter on the platform trying to make a difference. He has founded his own organization to teach financial literacy called A Frugal Athlete. It is something that he realized was missing in most professional athletes’ lives and he set out to change that.

Amobi Okugo - A Frugal Athlete

The app can truly harness the good nature of the sporting community! Join the SPRTER revolution today and start making a difference!