Kailey Chin – The Joyous Jamaican

When we established the SPRTER College Impact Awards (formerly the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Awards), we wanted to highlight inspirational and influential student-athletes from across the nation. The submissions we received this year are ALL incredible, however this story really impressed the judges.

The story of Kailey is something that we found really inspirational here at SPRTER, and we are proud to announce Molloy College women’s tennis player, Kailey Chin, as the 2021 Random Act of Kindness Award winner!

In 2020, Kailey was struck by a car, but that did not stop her from performing incredible deeds and giving back to her community. She returned to Jamaica for rehabilitation, and created a food delivery service and facilitated contactless delivery during the tough COVID times. Along with that, Kailey led her university team to perform over 300 hours of service in their community, and created a daily mental health campaign on Instagram. No one can tell you the story better than Kailey herself. We were lucky enough to speak with Kailey and find out a bit more about her passion for helping others:


Hi Kailey! Congratulations on winning this year’s SPRTER College Impact RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Award. Could you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and what helped shape who you are today?

“The experiences I have had over the past 20 years have shaped me in ways I cannot verbally fathom. For the first 17 years of my life, I was raised by my village of a family in Kingston, Jamaica. Having grown up in this multifaceted melting pot, I had the privilege of encountering people from all walks of life. These interactions have fostered empathy and the passion for understanding others, which has become a foundational aspect of myself and shaped my outlook today.”

What are some of the charity projects you’ve supported?

“Over the years, I’ve supported numerous charitable efforts and am grateful to be able to contribute. I have recently gathered funds for a few organizations in Jamaica, including Pursued International Foundation and The Montego Bay Animal Haven. Pursued International works to provide resources for at-risk women and girls on the island. In the pandemic era, we have seen violence against women increase drastically. As a result, organizations like these are crucial. The Montego Bay Animal Haven is an organization that advocates for animal welfare, seeking to educate in a nation where the government overlooks animal cruelty. I’ve always been passionate about animal welfare, assisting in shelter efforts as young as eight years old.”

What are the main motivations that drive you to have such a passion to help others?

“My motivations have always lied in compassion. As early as I can remember, I have been overwhelmed with the desire to assist those in need and contribute however I can.”

How were you able to overcome your accident and continue to be strong and determined afterwards?

“Overcoming being struck by a car is no easy feat. When I first arrived at the hospital after the incident, I honestly did not know what to expect. A few hours later, the doctors explained that I had head trauma, multiple lacerations, severe bruising, swelling, staples in my skull, and a potentially slipped disk. I was distraught. A few days later, after being discharged with no slipped disk(thankfully), I was amid a mental health decline, grappling with concerns of when I would be able to get back on the court and lead the busy life I had been a week prior. To my surprise and the world’s, we would enter into a global pandemic the week after. As a result, my family and I made the executive decision that I would come home to Jamaica for a week to recover. As the pandemic unraveled, a week became two, then a month, and ultimately a year of staying on the island. Throughout this time, I was able to focus on the rehabilitation of my body and mind. If I have learned from this near-death experience, I have a greater purpose in this lifetime. This lesson is what has kept me persistent in pursuing my goals and endeavors.”

What does the future hold for you?

“I genuinely do not know what the future holds for me, and I’ve made peace with that. I am open to the opportunities that life may bring and am excited for what is to come.”


Kailey wants her winning donation to go to J Flag – an initiative run by Equality Jamaica which helps them continue their operations to ensure protection of the rights of LGBT people in Jamaica! If you want to contribute to Kailey’s and our efforts in supporting J-Flag, click this link: JFLAG (equalityjamaica.org)!

We present to you our 2021 SPRTER College Impact RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Award Winner, Kailey Chin!

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Instagram: @kailey_chin & @molloy_womens_tennis
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