Your 2021 SPRTER College Impact Award Finalists

We at SPRTER believe that sporters have the power to change the world. So, we wanted to show the world exactly that while also making a difference ourselves. That is why we started the SPRTER College Impact Awards.

The College Impact Awards recognize collegiate sporters (student-athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, sports business professors/students) from across the US who have displayed acts of selflessness worth sharing. Sharing these stories, accomplishments, and positive acts is key to prompting action from others. We want to start a movement where sporters use their platform and their positions to do good. Also, the winner of each award will get to nominate a charity(s) to which we will donate $ in their name!

Today we are recognizing the finalists for the College Impact Awards. Each one is also eligible for the Community Champion award. This award goes to an individual who garners the most support from the community. In order to measure this, all nominees will have to create a profile on our SPRTER app. The winner is the sporter who manages to get the most followers by deadline day!

JP Moorman II

J.P. Moorman – Temple University – Basketball

J.P. has been nominated for demonstrating leadership skills, academic endurance, community service, and great maturity. He is also a team player when it comes to classroom/group assignments. There are many student-athletes that come and go through Temple, but J.P. has made an impact on Temple’s community and has been nominated by a fellow community member for the Catalyst Award. J.P.’s impact on the community makes him an awesome candidate.

Kailey made a huge impact on the Molloy College community as well as the Tennis program. In 2020, Kailey was struck by a car. She was rushed to the hospital where she lay unsure of her future. She told her coach she would be back with the team in no time, however that was unlikely seeing she would need to rehabilitate for a long time. Kailey took control of what she could during her battle back to being healthy. She returned home to Jamaica for rehabilitation and while she was there she organized an organic food service and facilitated contactless delivery to keep the community safe during COVID. Kailey returned to Molloy College in the fall and maintained a 3.85 GPA while also taking leadership of her team’s community service efforts which was over 300 hours of service. As Kailey had been fighting and striving to be healthy enough to play tennis again, she had also begun a daily Instagram mental health campaign for her school. Her efforts make her an amazing candidate for the Random Act of Kindness Award, as well as the Community Champion Award!

Kailey Chin

Kailey Chin – Molloy College – Tennis

There are not too many people like Coach Garriques, he puts his family first, team second, and Community third. The Team’s Motto is "Live the Good Life", which means be Kind, Respectful, Give back, Be Grateful, and relentless in everything you go after in Life. John Garriques has gotten Proclamations from the Town of Hackettstown for his help in the last 15 years. John has been involved with helping a Church with countless events and donations. He has been known for helping the elderly. For example he helped an elderly lady during an ice storm shovel her long driveway. Coach Garriques is known well for helping the town uncover after snow storms. As in 2009 he bought the team 20 shovels, and it has turned into a tradition, after each snowstorm the team goes out, and helps the neighbors uncover their sidewalks, and driveways. Coach Garriques started a free Youth Wrestling Club at the Phillipsburg Firth Youth Center for less fortunate kids that couldn't afford to pay for a wrestling club. John is an amazing coach and person, and his efforts make him a worthy candidate for the Catalyst Award and the Community Champion Award.

John Garriques

John Garriques – Centenary University – Wrestling

Tassos Kaburakis

Tassos Kaburakis – St. Louis University – Professor of Sports Management

Tassos is a professor at St. Louis Univeristy and the owner and founder of Nomos LLC, which advises key stakeholders in the international student-athlete (ISA) ecosystem to help match ISA's to athletic scholarships. Utilizing top academics and practitioners in international law and sport business management, Nomos helps ISAs realize their athletic dreams in the United States. In the face of an unprecedented year full of uncertainty and challenge where even the most straightforward tasks proved problematic, Nomos rose to the challenge and secured just shy of $10 million in scholarship value for ISAs, making the decade-long total $24 million in scholarship value. These ISAs could not make their dreams come true without financial support and scholarships. It took a herculean effort from the entire team to help the most student-athletes land the greatest scholarships' value, during a pandemic and the associated economic and policy fallout. The impact of the pandemic continues to pose tremendous demands on us all. But despite seemingly insurmountable hurdles, it definitely is a testament to our team's conviction and devotion to our lifelong service for student-athletes to be able to deliver these life opportunities for our NOMOS kids, whom we will forever treat as family. As a professor and the founder of Nomos, he has had a huge impact on the collegiate sports space in the US and is a great candidate for the Catalyst and Community Champion awards.

Brendan Caputo is nominated for his strength during the harsh times of the COVID-19 epidemic. As the coach of the women’s tennis team, he took leadership to make sure all of his athletes were doing well and staying safe. Adjusting to life online is not an easy task, so Brendan set up weekly Zoom meetings with the team to review course requirements and this pushed the team to achieve a GPA of 3.85 altogether. He also encouraged his team to give back to their homes and communities during the hardship everyone was experiencing. Coach Caputo also started a college anti-racism committee in support of athletes called ROAR (Reaching Out Against Racism) and led by example by completing his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities. Coach Brendan Caputo was a rock for his team during COVID-19 and the struggles of the world, and this proves his worthiness for the Catalyst Award and the Community Champion Award this year.

Brendan Caputo

Brendan Caputo – Molloy College – Tennis

The Community Champion Award goes to the individual who manages to garner the most support from the community. In order to measure this, all nominees will have to create a profile on our SPRTER app. The winner is the sporter who manages to get the most followers by deadline day!

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