SPRTER x Optimum Beach – SPRTER hits the beach!

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Optimum Beach!

SPRTER x Optimum

What is Optimum Beach?

Optimum Beach, founded in 2014 by current owner Pri Piantadosi-Lima, is committed to teaching and applying a unique and impactful training methodology to players of all levels and ages. We believe that Pri’s innovative implementation of mindset training sessions being applied through various techniques and strategies throughout practices is what sets Optimum Beach apart. Since day one, the Optimum slogan has been, Coaching Mentoring Inspiring. We believe this is evident everyday and continues to be what makes them different. Their uplifting yet demanding culture has produced success at all levels from players in the FIVB, top 5 NCAA Division I programs, and to countless podium finishes in junior tournaments. Optimum Beach values building authentic relationships between all players and coaches, and believes these relationships are the foundation that allows the mental training and skill training to be effective.

Optimum Beach

A word from the Optimum Beach Owner

Optimum Beach owner and director, Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima, said: “I could not be more excited to have this partnership with SPRTER. As a big advocate of helping athletes find ways to make their dreams come true and mentor them on how to make themselves their own brand, it was a no brainer when I heard from SPRTER. The fact that is an app that connects all athletes and also facilitates potential sponsorship connections, it couldn’t be a better fit.

I love growing my sport of beach volleyball, and I also enjoy helping my athletes learn the business side of their sport.

SPRTER is such a fresh idea and I cannot wait till all athletes from all sports are part of this awesome community.”

Pri Lima Optimum Beach

Why form this partnership?

We see Optimum Beach as a company whose values align well with our own. We both want to see Sporters connect and succeed! Optimum Beach is allowing athletes from across the US to receive the coaching and help they need to get to the next level. They are helping Sporters take care of business on the court while we are trying to help them take care of business off the court. Together we can truly make a difference in the careers of many with aspirations in the sports industry.

A word from our COO

Our COO, Joonas Jokinen, said: “Optimum Beach is playing an important role in the world of beach volleyball. They are helping athletes and coaches connect to allow those athletes to accomplish their dreams. We, at SPRTER, are doing something similar, but we’re doing it off the court. Hand-in-hand we can really aid these athletes and coaches in their careers.”

Are you a beach volleyball player?

If you have aspirations in the world of beach volleyball, make sure to head over to www.optimumbeach.us to check out how they can help you achieve those aspirations! Also, go to Optimum Beaches profile on the SPRTER app to see what they are doing! We will be enabling organizational experiences soon, so keep an eye out for what Optimum Beach may offer through their Experience Store on their profile in the SPRTER app.

Optimum Beach SPRTER Profile