The Coronavirus has brought the entire sports world to a halt. However, sporters (sports influencers: athletes, former athletes, coaches, agents, teams, leagues, brands, etc.) from around the world are stepping up and fighting the coronavirus crisis in support of their communities. The response has been remarkable thus far and more people keep joining the fight.

Examples are Roger Federer donating 1 million Swiss Franc to families in need, FC Bayern Munich players Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka starting the We Kick Corona campaign and donating 1 million Euro, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees donating $5 million to communities in Louisiana.

Obviously, we think that’s awesome 👏 . So, to document all the amazing work that these athletes are doing around the world, we started this Google Sheet. We also made it publicly available, so please add any sporter who you know is fighting the Coronavirus crisis in some way to help spread the awesome work of they are doing.


You can edit the Google Sheet here ⬇️:

Also, we added theirTwitter handles, so you can given them a shoutout to let them know you appreciate their contribution and to spread the word as much as possible.


See how sporters/athletes are fighting the Coronavirus crisis in the Google Sheet below.


We are hoping that these efforts make a difference in containing this pandemic. We have always said that we believe that sporters have the power to change the world, and here we see it first hand. Millions donated so far, and more and more athletes keep stepping up.

So, please add anyone you know who has done something to combat COVID-19. Spreading the word of these efforts is the best way to get others to act too! Click here if you want to know how you can use SPRTER to make a difference!

Together is how we can beat the virus, so anything that you can do to make a difference goes a long way. Until then, stay safe and try to stay home.