The Age of the Influencer

We are in an age where influencers are growing more and more powerful. In fact, the platform Traackr, which helps brands identify influencers who could be effective in growing their businesses, found that major brands who used their platform (Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Nissan, to name a few) set aside roughly 72% of their marketing budgets for influencers. This amounts to many millions of dollars, and this level of investment suggests influencer marketing can deliver a great return on investment. Influencer marketing can be hugely successful because consumers want to hear positive things about a brand from other people and not the company themselves. It is all about trust as you can see from the infographic by Olapic below.

Athlete CRUSH influencers

Athletes are always fantastic product endorsers as they bring another level of legitimacy to the product. SPRTER is a platform full of what we like to call sporters (sports influencers: athletes, former athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, etc.) looking for a new sponsor or partner.

So, how much will influencers set you back?

There are multiple levels of influencers, each with their pros and cons. The first level, nanoinfluencers, or people with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media, are generally brought on board with free products, commissions, or a small monetary sum. Nanoinfluencers are a great place to start if you are a small company. Due to their smaller number of followers, they are usually more approachable and more responsive when reached out to. Also, they are genuine. They generally aren’t buying followers, so you can safely assume that their followers are real and interactive with their content.

Microinfluencers, or people with between 10,000 and 50,000 social media followers, can set you back a couple thousand dollars, depending on the individual. These influencers have more of a reach, but don’t be blinded by the follower count alone as there is a wide range of engagement levels. You need to pay attention to post interactions. A red flag would be someone with around 10,000 followers getting only 30 likes. An average engagement rate is understood to be between 1-3.5%. The higher the engagement rate, the more effective that influencer is likely to be.

At the top level, megainfluencers are people who have 1 million + followers and are considered celebrities. You need to be willing (and able) to the break the bank to lure one of these individuals into your marketing portfolio. A single influencer post can easily set you back $10,000 or more. However, you are guaranteed to reach a lot of eyeballs, so it depends on what you see as valuable, as well as the specific marketing objective you are pursuing.

You can break down the levels even further as well (see the picture provided by Mediakix below). What you need to remember about all these levels of influencers, the number of followers, engagement rates, and incentives, is the industry you are in. Industries vary and influencers with a more niche audience are more likely easier to get into contact with. However, it never hurts to reach out. If you think someone would be the perfect endorser for your company, send them an email or a message via social media. The worst-case scenario is that they ignore you. You never know when someone might really resonate with your business’ product, vision or mission. So, reach out!

Athlete CRUSH influencers

SPRTER contains a wide array of athletes with different social media values, but all can be strong assets for your business. They are all open to your pitch and negotiation, so all you have to do is ask and they may be your next endorser!

What can SPRTER do for your business?

What we have created is a platform full of sporters who are looking for a sponsor and to grow their social media value! Many influencer platforms are extremely expensive and outside the budget of a start-up company. On our app, you can sign up for free, swipe through sporters, and identify your next brand ambassador. Our profile layout was created for supporters and potential sponsors to be able to learn everything they would want to know about a sporter in an easy-to-follow format. We have done this by dividing profiles into sections:

The My Favorites section is where users can highlight already existing sponsors, their favorite moments, and big accomplishments. So, you can see if there would be a conflict in you working with the sporter.

The My Causes and Community section is where users can highlight charitable efforts, so you can get a feel for the type of person the sporter is.

Users can also link their other social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Our platform is new, so the best way to identify a sporter’s social worth is through their other socials.

The My Spotlight section is where users highlight everything else going on in their lives. So, you can see if they have an interested in fashion, nutrition, or anything else.

Athlete CRUSH App Profile

We also make brands and companies highly visible by encouraging sporters to highlight their sponsors in the My Favorites section of their profile. This is prime profile real estate as it is the first section visiting users see. This can be a great way for businesses to reach more eyeballs. Think of the SPRTER profile as a personal website, where sporters can highlight everything important to them; sponsors, big accomplishments, charity work, fundraisers, other social media accounts, and their everyday life. The profile has essentially everything a company needs in order to make a decision about wanting to work with that individual.

The app is also a platform to allow any sporter to be heard. In today’s age, everyone is fighting to cut through the clutter of multiple advertising messages and existing social media platforms are becoming more and more cluttered. We can help sporters cut through the clutter and boost their exposure in the app through a the Featured SPRTER feature (we highlight a different sporter on the home screen of the app every day) and the Sporter Leaderboard (where we display the trending sporters of the day, week, and month). If you want to learn more about the platform and its features, you can check out this article. It is very difficult for lesser known sporters to develop their brand without the help of an agency or professional, reach more supporters, gain new sponsors and earn some extra money. We are trying to solve all of those problems.


We have a number of sporters on our platform who are pretty much all looking for a new sponsorship/endorsement opportunities. They also add a whole other level of legitimacy as people associate high performance and excellence with sporters. They can be a huge asset in your company’s marketing arsenal. Start your brand ambassador search today on SPRTER! It is completely free!

We also offer advertising opportunities in the app and are open to discussing potential collaborations and partnerships, so feel free to reach out to


Download the SPRTER app now to discover your next brand ambassador!