The New SPRTER CBO – Robert “Turbo” Turbin

NFL Star Robert “Turbo” Turbin joins startup “SPRTER” to ignite turbo growth.

Superbowl 48 winner Robert “Turbo” Turbin joins startup “SPRTER” to ignite turbo growth. The 8-year NFL veteran & Super Bowl Champion has represented the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and the Beasts in the Fan Controlled Football League.

Robert Turbo Turbin

Robert’s career speaks for itself, but not only has he been a juggernaut on the field, he has had an immense impact off the field in the community. Robert has set up his own foundation called RUNNIN4U, which partners with schools, civic groups, corporations and like-minded charities to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) across the country.

Such partnerships allow Robert and the Runnin4U organization to raise much-needed financial support for the research and development of promising new treatments for each debilitating condition. He also hosts a free Football Academy to share his love of the game with youth athletes.

We are extremely excited to welcome him to the SPRTER team. Robert’s values align perfectly with what we are trying to accomplish through our SPRTER app. We have created our platform to help spread positivity through sport, bring sporters and supporters together, and help make an impact on the community.

We are excited to take our company and platform to the next level.


A word from Robert

“I am so excited to be joining the Sprter team as a user and a team member! I see a lot of potential in SPRTER and the platform they are creating. The opportunity to share not only one’s sporting career, but also share once in a lifetime personal experiences with fans all around the world is something special. I also can’t wait to have the opportunity to create lifelong memories and rare moments with you all as a user. I’m an open book so don’t hesitate to sign up!”


A word from our CEO

Our CEO, Thilo Kunkel, said: “Robert “Turbo” Turbin brings extensive experience in the sport business industry from a long career in the NFL. In his role as the Chief Branding Officer at SPRTER, he will draw on his connections and field-specific knowledge to help SPRTER achieve TURBO growth. We are excited to have him join the SPRTER family.”


A word from our COO

Our COO, Joonas Jokinen, said: “We are beyond excited to welcome Robert to the SPRTER family. He is the perfect fit for us; his attitude, values, and energy levels are on point. A wonderful human-being all round. Having an athlete of his calibre on board can only be a huge plus. We cannot wait to see the impact he will have on SPRTER!”


Check out Robert “Turbo” Turbin on the SPRTER app!

As well as joining the SPRTER team, Robert is a SPRTER user. He is on the SPRTER app and he has a wide range of fan experiences and business opportunities available! If you are interested in gaming with him, livestreaming with him on Twitch, golfing with him, training with him, or interacting with him in a number of other ways, click here to download the app and request any of those: