The Experience Store feature is LIVE in the SPRTER app!

We at SPRTER are always looking to improve the user experience and add value for our users, and our most exciting update is now live!

Below is everything you need to know about our Experience Store and the SC Store!


What is the Experience Store?

The Experience Store feature allows sporters (sports influencers: athletes, former athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands, etc.) on the app to sell a wide selection of virtual experiences to their supporters and to businesses. The virtual nature of the store allows supporters from all over the world to engage with sporters on a whole new level!

Experience Store


How do sporters enable the Experience Store feature and add experiences?

Sporters can enable the experience store feature through Edit Profile on the Settings screen. You can add, remove, and edit experiences through the experience store feature on the Settings screen. Just remember to save any changes you made to your store at the bottom of the experience store screen.

Experience Store Set Up

Experience Store Set Up


How do you buy these experiences?

Any sporter who has enabled their experience store, will have a My Store section appear on their profile which users can click on to explore their store offerings and to request an experience. In order to purchase experiences, you need to first buy SPRTER Coins, which is an in-app currency that we have created that can be purchased and cashed out back into cash.

Experience Store Buying


How do I buy SPRTER Coins?

In the top left-hand corner of your own profile, you will see your SPRTER Coin counter. This displays the amount of SPRTER Coins you currently have. Clicking on the counter will take you to the SC Store, which is where you can buy and cash out SPRTER Coins. Simply click on the amount you want to purchase and they will appear on your account. Purchases are non-refundable, but you are able to cash out your SPRTER Coins into real money, but you will receive 90% of your SPRTER Coins in cash.

You can also get to the SC Store through the button at the very top of the Settings screen.

SPRTER Experience Store Buy SPRTER Coins SPRTER Experience Store Buy SPRTER Coins

What is the experience request process like?

Once you request an experience, the experience isn’t guaranteed. The sporter must first review the request and then decide whether to accept or reject. The SPRTER Coins that are used for the purchase are placed in escrow until the request is accepted and completed or rejected. You can monitor the status of the request through the My Requests tab on the Megaphone screen.

SPRTER Experience Store Monitor Request

It is important for the buyer to provide as much detail as possible in the instructions section of the request so that the seller can make a decision as to whether they are able and willing to complete the request. The buyer and the seller are also able to communicate via the Negotiations section on the request screen to discuss details further. Before accepting, the seller has the opportunity to reject the request and the buyer has the opportunity to cancel the request (in both cases the SPRTER Coins would be returned to the buyer).

In order to ensure that users aren’t kept waiting, once a request is accepted the seller has 7 days to complete the experience or it will be cancelled and the SPRTER Coins will be returned to the buyer.

Once the request is completed, it is important for both parties to set the experience to complete. Once the buyer sets the experience to complete, the request will be immediately closed and the SPRTER Coins will be released to the seller. If the seller sets the experience to complete, the buyer has 7 days to either state that the request was indeed completed or to dispute. If no response is made within 7 days, the experience will be automatically completed and the SPRTER Coins will be released to the seller. Remember to also leave a rating for the seller as it really helps them out!

If things don’t go according to plan, you can always open a dispute. As part of this process, both parties are expected to respond (both can add up to 5 images or videos during the dispute process) and once we have heard from both parties, we will make a decision that we deem fit.

You can always monitor the status of the request through the My Requests tab on the Megaphone screen.

Do you have a particular experience in mind that isn’t available?

If you have a specific experience in mind that you would love to purchase from a sporter, but it isn’t available, reach out to us via the Contact Us button on the Settings screen in the app or send a DM to the official SPRTER account on the app. We will review your idea and add it as an option if we think it is appropriate and doable!

What is the cash out process like?

Any user is able to cash out their SPRTER Coins. In order to cash out your SPRTER Coins, click on the coin counter in the top left-hand corner of your profile. This will take you to the SC Store page and then you will see a grey “Cash Out” button underneath your SPRTER Coin amount. This will take you to the official SPRTER profile. You will then see a popup explaining the process and clicking on Cash Out will open the popup to send the amount of SPRTER Coins that you wish to cash out.

To cash out your SPRTER Coins, you can either go directly to the official SPRTER account and click on “Send SPRTER Coins” or you can go to the SC Store page and click on “Cash Out.”

Once you have sent your cash out amount to the official SPRTER account, we will reach out to you via DM in the app to see how you would like to receive your cash. Our current options are PayPal or Venmo. Expect to receive your cash in 1-3 business days.

You will receive 90% of the cash out amount in cash via PayPal or Venmo. We take 10% (which is an industry-wide low) in order to maintain this free platform and to continue providing an awesome user experience and make these interactions with your favorite sporters possible. We simply want to help sporters in any way we can!

SPRTER Experience Store Cash Out

Can I send other users SPRTER Coins?

Absolutely! Whenever you visit another user’s profile, you will see a “Send SPRTER Coins” button in the top left-hand corner of their profile. Clicking here will prompt a popup through which you can send them SPRTER Coins.

As the platform continues to grow, we see this as a way for user’s to also donate to charities. We see charity as an important part of the platform and we want to encourage selflessness. As we start to onboard some charities onto the platform, we want to provide user’s the option to donate to the organizations and causes that they feel passionate about. The “Send SPRTER Coins” feature can be used for exactly this.

SPRTER Experience Store Send SPRTER Coins

In addition to these features, we have also ironed out some bugs. However, we aren’t perfect, so if you come across anything while using the app, please let us know! You can send the SPRTER account on the app a message or send us an email at

We are excited by the progress of the SPRTER platform and we are always looking to make it better. If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, make sure to check it out below!