Sammy Oliech

Sammy is a Kenyan rugby player who plays for the Resolution Impala Saracens club and has also represented Kenya at the IRB World Sevens Series, the 2016 Rio Olympics, and in a number of XVs test matches. He is currently completing a degree in computing and hoping to dive further into cyber security. Sammy has a number of interests, one big one being charity work. He has been heavily involved with Coninx’s amazing 1Metre1Litre campaign which aims to provide clean drinking water to the people in Kenya. Sammy is extremely passionate about bettering the conditions for people in his home country. He describes himself as an overall lover of life and someone who is always looking to spread joy and happiness to others. We agree! P.S. He loves pandas!

We had the chance to get to know Sammy a little bit better.


What is your biggest sporting accomplishment?

Representing Kenya at the 2016 Rio Olympics. I think that representing your country at the highest level and one of the biggest stages in the world is something special for any athlete.


What is something interesting about you that few people know?

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I love animes (Japanese cartoons). I may appear to be a jock on the outside, but I am a geek on the inside.


Besides the sport(s) you compete in, what is your favorite sport?

Definitely, football/soccer. I grew up playing it and it is my country’s national sport, so I feel like I have to choose it.


What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

I love to just relax and take it easy. An athlees life is stressful and demanding, so I love to just hang out with my friends and family.


What do you attribute the most to your success?

There is no one single quality that makes someone successful. It is a handful of these. For me, I think my discipline, consistency, hard work, and the support I have received from my friends and family has gotten me to where I am today.


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