Emma Starr - Crystal Palace

Emma is a professional soccer player playing for Crystal Palace FC in the FA Women’s Championship in England. Sarting out, Emma was part of the ODP Regional team for 6 years, traveling to national camps all over the US. She also played 4 years of DI soccer for George Mason University, where she totalled 64 games and was team captain. She continued her career in the UK, playing for Galway United where she was named ‘Player of the Year.’ She then moved to BSF in Denmark for a season before returning to the UK. She is passionate about the environment and is currently working with Gone West, an organization that plants trees in order to offset the carbon damage that traveling can produce.


We managed to catch up with her and get to know her a little better.


Do you have any words of advice to aspiring athletes?

My biggest piece of advice would be to fully commit yourself to what you want to achieve. Don’t apologize for going after what you want, but also don’t let your sport define you. Figure out what you love besides your sport.


What is something interesting about you that few people know?

Something interesting is that I’ve visited 26 countries on my own. I go solo backpacking throughout Europe whenever I have a break from soccer. Taking the time to travel, to go outside your comfort zone, and to experience new cultures is an amazing benefit to traveling all over the world for soccer.


If you weren’t an athlete what would you be?

I’d love to be a mountain leader and adventure guide. Once I’m done playing soccer, I’m going to take whatever courses I can and try to get the necessary certifications to take people up mountains. I want others to see how breath-taking it can be.


What do you attribute the most to your success?

I can attribute my desire to never give up. In my career I’ve never had anything come easy to me, and it’s always been a struggle. But I think when you have to try so hard for something, it makes achieving it so much more rewarding. I’ve had lots of setbacks, lots of times when I haven’t made the cut, but it has made me stronger as a person and as an athlete.


What do you hope to still achieve?

I want to keep playing soccer in new countries for as long as I can. I want to continue playing at a high level, so I can keep pushing myself mentally and physically. I’d love to be on a few more teams and be able to help them out in any way I can.


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