What are the different sections of your profile for?

App Help CenterCategory: Your Own ProfileWhat are the different sections of your profile for?
sp-admin1 Staff asked 8 months ago

What are the different sections of your profile for?

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sp-admin1 Staff answered 8 months ago

Thank you for your query.

The My Favorites section for Sporters is for big accomplishments, career achievements, sponsors and favorite moments. For Supporters, it is for your favorite teams and sporting moments.

The My Causes and Community section is for highlighting any charitable efforts or raising awareness for charitable causes, organizations or events you are passionate about. You can link out to the URL of a charitable cause, organization or event through the I Support button.

The Support Me section is for you to start your own fundraiser. Add a description as to what you’re raising money for and link your PayPal or Venmo to allow donations.

My Store is your Experience Store where Sporters can sell virtual and in-person experiences to supporters and businesses.

My Other Socials is for linking your other social media accounts.

My Spotlight is for all your posts. This is kind of like your personal Instagram feed with all your content.


We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!