Paralympic Athletes Mobile App

Tragically, Paralympians are often underrated and overlooked in the sporting world. Their incredible achievements are often eclipsed by the media’s obsession with coverage of so-called “regular” athletes. This needs to change! We at SPRTER think that their immense athletic prowess and incredible community/charity efforts warrant more recognition and a platform to gain exposure. Paralympians also heavily rely on ancillary income and endorsements in order to earn a living. So, we at SPRTER created an app that can help SPRTERS (sporters; sports influencers (athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands, etc.) and supporters) connect, and help Paralympians gain exposure in the sporting world, develop their brand, and monetize that brand!

A must-have mobile app for Paralympic athletes

  • The SPRTER app is a great branding tool to show your supporters a more personal and humanitarian side of yourself. Often, amazing charity efforts get lost in the clutter of social media, but worry no more. The app's pinning capabilities allow you to pin your charity efforts to the My Causes and Community section of your profile, so that they don't go unnoticed. You can also link out to a charitable organization you support right on your profile.
  • The SPRTER app also offers a My Favorites section which we encourage sporters to use to pin existing sponsors and to leverage to potentially get new sponsors. The increase in visibility for the brand(s) adds value and can be leverage to earn extra income!
  • Stay active and we will reward you by bringing relevant ambassadorship/sponsorship opportunities to you!
  • The SPRTER app is sport-specific, so you won’t need to compete for the spotlight with celebrities from other industries. We also have features in place so that you can be easily found within our platform. Our filter functions, search function, Featured SPRTER feature, and Sporter Leaderboard feature make it easy for you to be noticed by supporters!
  • The SPRTER Discovery feature makes it easy for you to be discovered by supporters from across the globe in a Tinder-esque swiping experience. Simply upload awesome content and we'll bring the supporters to you!
  • Utilize the Support Me section to crowdfund for either yourself or a charitable cause!
  • We reward active users by bringing them relevant ambassadorship/sponsorship opportunities!


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Build your brand, gain more exposure to supporters, and earn some money in the process!



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