SPRTER is a sport experience iOS app that is revolutionizing how Sporters and Supporters connect!


The Must-Have App For Paralympians and Paralympic Supporters!

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Unfortunately, Paralympians are often overlooked when the media reports on the world of athletes. However, we at SPRTER think that their immense athletic prowess and incredible community/charity efforts need more recognition and a platform to gain exposure.

We have developed the SPRTER app which revolutionizes how SPRTERS (sporters and supporters) connect. Sporters are sports influencers (athletes, coaches, agents, teams, leagues, brands, etc.). Our app essentially makes personal websites obsolete as your profile on our app highlights everything you would want to show on your website, but in a much easier way.

Forget the hassle of developing or paying someone to develop your own personal website. We have a section to highlight your sponsors (perhaps for some extra $) and a specific section for the charities and causes you support. We think that our app is a great branding tool and a way for your fans to see a different side of you. Often amazing charity efforts get drowned out by the clutter of social media, but no longer. By pinning these aspects to your profile, your amazing accomplishments and philanthropy with not go unnoticed. Click here to also discover our 6 social media hacks for developing a personal brand!

Also, Olympians and Paralympians often rely on ancillary income and endorsements for a living. We reward active users on our platform by bringing ambassadorship/sponsorship opportunities that fit them.

Our app also makes your sponsors very visible to your followers and opens up a means to earn more money from your sponsors as a result of the increase in their brand visibility. Our app is sport-specific, so you won’t need to compete for the spotlight with celebrities from other industries, and you will be exposed to supporters who are likely to engage with your content.

Also, you are able to link your PayPal and Venmo username to your account to allow users to donate to you!

Yes, we said you will be exposed to supporters. Our swiping function exposes supporters to random sporters for who they would have never searched on existing social media platforms. So, all you need to do is create awesome content, which you are already doing anyway and we will bring the supporters to you.

Build your brand, gain more exposure to supporters and possibly earn some money in the process!