College Athletes Should Be Paid!

Times are changing and the debate over whether or not college athletes should be paid is gaining traction. We believe that what we are creating will eventually be a tool that college athletes can use to monetize their personal brands. The NCAA's control over student-athletes is slowly dwindling and we want to be there when student-athletes are eventually allowed to monetize their brands and benefit from their likeness!

The NCAA stated that they channel 90% of the revenue they generate towards ‘helping’ college athletes despite them being unpaid. The argument is that the money is sent to schools and conferences for sports development projects, coach contracts, research, and conference grants. Yes, some college athletes get the benefit of a scholarship which takes a huge chunk off their financial burden, aids them in attaining a degree and granting them access to other perks. However, is that enough? The distribution model that is currently in place heavily favors the NCAA administrators, school athletic administrators, and coaches. As a bare minimum, players should be able to make money off the vast followings they have garnered.

In today’s world, sports stars are role models whether they like it or not. It should be up to the athlete to develop a strong personal brand, and it shouldn't be the NCAA's place to tell college athletes that they cannot benefit from that brand. College athletes should be able to broaden their scope outside the parameters of the scholarships they may or may not receive. A collegiate athlete’s life is about so much more than just playing. College is one step closer on their journey to prepare them for their lives ahead. Allowing them to develop their brand, as well as their game, while receiving an education can really help a lot of college athletes in sustaining their present and building their future.

Developing Your Brand

We want to provide college athletes with a platform that can easily guide them through the branding process, so they are ready when they are allowed to start monetizing.

  • The SPRTER app profile has a My Favorites section which can be used to highlight favorite brands and eventually sponsors. This increase in visibility for the brand(s) can allow you to leverage it for monetization.
  • Your profile includes a My Causes and Community section where you can highlight your community/philanthropic efforts. The better you look in the public eye, the more likely brands will want to be associated with you.
  • The Support Me section allows you to receive donations which is something the NCAA now allows.
  • The SPRTER app can help boost your exposure within the sports world through the Featured SPRTER function. We choose one sporter per day to highlight on the home screen, so the sporter is the first thing users see when coming to the platform.
  • The app has a Tinder-esque swiping function which will expose you to new supporters. Just upload cool content and watch your following grow! The more you engage, the bigger your following, and the bigger your following, the more potential you have for earning money.
  • The Sporter Leaderboard displays the trending sporters of the day, week, and month on the home screen representing another way to boost sporters' exposure.

The SPRTER app helps you build and develop your brand, so that once you're allowed to start monetizing, you're well prepared!



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