Branding in Sports

A team's brand is something that resonates throughout the organization. A team brand helps guide the world to perceive that team in the way that they want to be perceived. The better the branding, the more likely watchers will buy into and believe that brand. This can be done in a number of ways and it works differently for everyone. Branding is showcasing the DNA of an organization and when done genuinely and effectively, it can transform a team into a million dollar organization.


The benefits of branding in sports are:

  • Gives your team a unique identity
  • Allows you to reach new supporters
  • A congruent brand increases the perception of value
  • It can increase loyalty and trust in your organization
  • Allows you to highlight ways that you are contributing to the community
  • Can make it easier for supporters and businesses to get behind your organization
  • Increases your recognition


Therefore, we at SPRTER have created a sport-specific social media platform to help sports teams build unique and powerful brands themselves and through their sporters (sport influencers; athletes, coaches, agents, brands, etc.). There is nothing more effective than the people within an organization buying into what the organization stands for and then conveying that to the world. It is one thing for an organization to tell the world what they are doing, it is a whole other thing for everyone within that organization to enforce it.


We at SPRTER have created a sport-specific social media platform that revolutionizes how SPRTERS (sporters and supporters) connect. It is essentially a free branding tool to help teams build unique and powerful brands!

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