Best Sports App for iPhone

Sports season isn't all year round, but it is imperative for supporters to stay on top of their favorite sporters' lives all year round. Sporters are sports influencers; athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, brands, etc. Supporters (sports fans) are demanding more content than ever from sporters, and smartphones and apps have made following them a lot easier. But, due to the clutter of current social media offerings, a lot of impactful content by sporters and other supporters is getting lost.

So, we set out to fix this problem and provide supporters with the best sports app for iPhone to date. We at SPRTER have created a sport-specific social media platform that revolutionizes how SPRTERS (sporters and supporters) connect.

The app exposes supporters to new sporters from around the globe on an uncluttered, sport-specific platform. The entire experience has been gamified and supporters can earn points towards the leaderboard simply by using the app!

We also believe that sporters have the power to change the world, so our app contains a significant charity element. The app makes it easy for users to crowdfund or spread awareness for charitable causes as each user has a section on their profile dedicated to their charity efforts and for receiving donations. We believe showcasing positive efforts like this is key in inspiring the sport community to band together to make a difference!

A Must-Have App For Every Sports Fan

  • Compete to become the Top Supporter
  • The app provides unique filters can help fans find new sporters they like
  • Supporters can easily discover awesome new content in a Tinder-esque swiping experience
  • The app provides separate feeds for sporters and supporters to reduce clutter
  • Supporters can find out about sporters' or other supporters' charitable efforts, and even support them
  • Users can crowdfund for themselves or for a charitable cause



Download the SPRTER app now to check it out!