What is SPRTER?

SPRTER is a new sport-specific social media app for iOS that connects sporters and supporters. Sporter is the term we coined to refer to sports influencers (athletes, former athletes, coaches, agents, media, teams, leagues, and brands) – basically, anyone in the sports industry who helps create unforgettable moments. The app has an extensive list of features that appeal to all those who love sport!


So, what’s in it for University Athletic Programs?

Athletic programs can:

  • Gain recognition for their school and athletic program!
  • Build an online community for their school’s athletic program!
  • Keep their students updated on everything their athletic program is doing!
  • Receive donations!

They can also help their student-athletes:

  • Gain exposure on an uncluttered, sport-specific platform!
  • Build unique and powerful brands!
  • Highlight the causes and charities they support!
  • Crowdfund!

Oh, and did we mention that we are NCAA compliant?


The Benefits

Tap into the global sport market by getting exposed to new supporters from around the world easily! Student-athletes from around the country can connect with each other through the SPRTER platform and relationships with college-level athletes in other countries can be formed too. This is all enabled by the filter functions in the SPRTER Discovery and the Sporter Leaderboard. We also highlight a different Sporter on the home screen of the app everyday!


Finding supporters from specific schools by using the filter function makes it easier for both student athletes and athletic departments to grow their fanbase. Entire athletic departments can be brought together rather than beings sectioned off by disparities in the popularity of different sports.


Charitable actions have been the center of athletic department’s and student athlete’s images for some time now. SPRTER gives athletic departments a chance to showcase the charitable work done by their student athletes. Athletic departments can also highlight local charities and causes their institution is aligned with.


We can add a link out to your athletic department’s website from the backend, so that anyone who sets their team to your school has a link out on their profile. This is a way to utilize the brand development of a school’s student athletes to promote themselves too.


Student athletes can link out to charities associated with their school in order to strengthen their own brand and attract supporters to their school’s favorite causes.


Athletic departments can use the SPRTER app in a similar fashion as agents or scouts would to find and recruit new talent. By using filter functions athletic departments can search for athletes in specific sports and look on their SPRTER profile to see if they are a good fit for the school. Also, it could be effective to ask potential recruits to put together a profile, so that you can learn more about them as people!


The SPRTER College Impact Awards, which have been awarded since 2018, is a way for both the school and its student athletes to get substantial positive publicity while making a positive impact on their community.


Our recent rebrand has opened the app up to anyone in the sports industry! That means all of the benefits mentioned can also apply to your school and your teams!


We also provide several advertising opportunities within the app!




These are our plans for more streams of revenue for you and your athletes. With monetization reglations changing, your athletes will love you for bringing them an opportunity like this!

  • Supporter subscriptions to access exclusive content!
  • Fully automated store to sell experiences!
  • Fully automated store to sell custom merchandise!
  • Virtually signed pictures!