Unforgettable Stars From Our Favorite Childhood Flicks

Often, role models in sport come from heroes of today – omnipresent in the flesh, on SportsCenter, and online sites. But other times, they’re fictional figures we worship on the big screen. Whatever your choice, the power of our favorite sport stars is undeniable and a source of great influence. In honor of those who inspired us as kids, we’ve compiled a list of the best childhood athletes to grace the movie screen.

Rookie of the Year – Henry Rowengartner

Gardenhoser! Rosenbagger! However you say it, young Henry was not only a pitching phenom who resurrected a poor Cubs franchise, but also a stand-up kid who brought the fun and youthful exuberance we all wish we could harness again. The fireballing righty embodied young baseball fans all over the country and made it easy to identify with his run all the way to the Show. Boat rides with the boys, getting the girl, then blowing away the MLB’s best sluggers – a young boy’s summer doesn’t get much better.

The Sandlot – Hamilton “Ham” Porter

Don’t remember this childhood icon? You’re killing me smalls!!! As the heart and soul of the sandlot boys, Ham brought the personality and no-nonsense approach that endeared himself so well to aspiring baseball players and movie goers alike. From indulging in s’mores to redefining trash talk, Ham was the big ball of fun we all wish we had as a pal.

Little Giants – Becky “Icebox” O’Shea

A certain Cowboys opponent may have once claimed “Spike don’t play with girls,” but poor Spike didn’t have a choice in this 1994 classic. Not only did Icebox suit up for those little Giants, but her de-cleating of the young rival showed she came to make some noise. The glue of the squad, Icebox personified the modern female athlete as a force to be reckoned with.

The Mighty Ducks – Goldberg

Notorious for putting his foot in his mouth and stinking up the locker room, Goldberg brought newfound flair to the goalie position. He was certainly a goof, but he was also the goofball we all loved as part of the legendary Might Ducks units. When the puck hit the ice, Goldberg was the man you were pulling for and trusting between the pipes.


Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 1 August 2017